FINA Diving WORLD CUP china dominate

China was able to cruise through the preliminary rounds of all four individual competitions on the first day of the FINA Diving World Cup 2022, winning by significant margins.

On the first day of competition at the FINA Diving World Cup in Berlin, China dominated both the individual 3 meter and 10 meter competitions. China finished in second and third place in each event.

CHANG Yani, who won the bronze medal at the 2022 world championships, defeated CHEN Yiwen, who is the current world champion, in the preliminary round of the women’s 3 meter event. Both competitors scored more than 300 points overall, with Chang finishing 33 points ahead of the next closest competitor, Sayaka MIKAMI of Japan, who was competing in Berlin alone. The eleven women who competed in the preliminary rounds will all take part in the final on Sunday.

Competition on berlin

The pressure was off for the eight women who competed in the women’s 10m preliminary event because they all went to the final on Saturday. Despite this, 14-year-old QUAN Hongchan, the champion of the Tokyo Olympic Games, prevailed over her teammate CHEN Yuxi, who is 15 years old and has won the world championship twice already, and both of them scored over 400 points. Pandelela PAMG, 27, from Malaysia, who has competed in the Olympics four times, had the third-best score of the day, although it was more almost 100 points below Quan and Chen’s scores.

The most competitors competed in the preliminary round of the men’s 3m event; however, only the top 12 (out of 19) would move on to the final on Friday. Once more, China finished in first and second place, with WANG Zonguan and CAO Yuan, respectively, taking the lead. At the age of 34, LI Shixin of Australia, who competed for China and won the 1 meter event twice, finished third. In the preliminary round for the men’s platform event, these three divers were the only ones to score above 400 points.


Two notable divers who did not make the final cut were Berlin native Lou MASSENBERG, who finished in 17th place, and American Tyler DOWNS, who at the age of 18 will be the youngest member of the United States diving team at the 2020 Olympics. DOWNS made the Tokyo squad by beating out 2012 Olympic gold medalist David BOUDIA. On Thursday, Downs finished in 13th place, missing the cut by 9.35 points.

During the preliminary competition for the men’s 10 meter platform event, YANG Hao of China showed everyone that he had brought his A Game. He was the only man to score more than 500 points, and a big reason for it was the fact that he had two dives that got more than 90 points each. However, he was only able to get 75.60 points for his most difficult dive, which was a 207B with a back 3.2 and a 3.6 DD carry, because he had difficulty doing it.

His compatriot YANG Jian, on the other hand, made two mistakes during his dives, one of which was a dangerous 5156B (forward 212 with three twists) that had a 3.8 DD and received 4.5s from all seven judges. If he can correct that and his 626B (armstand back 3 somersaults, which only received 56.00 points) before Sunday’s final, he will definitely be in a position to compete with Yang Hao. It does not appear that anyone else will come anywhere near this. The American Olympian Brandon LOSCHIAVO was Yang Hao’s closest challenger on Thursday, although he was still 102.05 points behind him.

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On Friday, the winners of three diving finals will be awarded prize money: the women’s and men’s 10m synchro events, as well as the men’s 3m individual competition.

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