With victories in the men’s 10m and women’s 3m finals on Sunday, China maintained its perfect record in the 2022 FINA Diving World Cup in Berlin. In place of China, the US won the mixed team competition in the last event of the tournament. American Brandon LOSCHIAVO and Japanese Sayaka MIKAMI both won individual bronze medals.

China has a fortunate number of eight, so it’s appropriate that they won eight gold medals in total, including two more on Sunday, at the 2022 FINA Diving World Cup. The US, Germany, and Australia took home the first-ever gold medals in Berlin thanks to China’s absence from the ninth competition, the mixed team. This is how the day went.

Final for the women’s 3m

CHANG Yani’s victory over CHEN Yiwen, the current holder of the title of world champion in the women’s 3m event, gave China seven gold medals in seven different competitions. The two athletes executed the same dives in the same order and were the only athletes to earn more than 300 points; however, Chang, who won the bronze medal at the 2022 FINA World Championships, led after each round to win the competition and surpass her teammate by 16.8 points.

In the second round, when there was just a 1.5 point difference between them, the world champion came the closest to passing her older partner.


CHANG won with a personal best score of 363.75 points and stated, “I’m pleased with four of my rounds today, but two left me wanting more.” In regards to competing against her teammate, she stated, “We’re extremely close friends. We don’t care who wins a competition as long as it’s one of us.”

Runner-up CHEN said, “Today, Chang was fantastic, to be honest. She was awe-inspiring,” and he anticipated a break. “I believe that neither you nor I have really healed from Budapest [FINA World Championships]. Having some time to clear my head and not focus excessively on outcomes and performance will help me return even stronger.”

In the meantime, Sayaka MIKAMI of Japan maintained a tight hold on third position over the final four (of five rounds) to win bronze. The hardest dive of the competition was thrown by MIKAMI in the championship round: a forward 212 with 2 twists.

Her dive was more complex than the dive that CHEN and CHANG saved for last. Mikami’s dive had an additional 0.4 degree of difficulty due to the added twist, but her less-than-vertical entry prevented her from cracking the top two. She finished the day with a 287.05 score as the lone Japanese diver in the World Cup. The 20th FINA World Championships will take place in Japan in 2019.

Brittany O’BRIEN of Australia finished fourth, only 0.4 points in front of Canadian Aimee WILSON. Sixth place went to Colombian Daniela ZAPATA CORREA. In total, the 12-woman final had representatives from five continents.

A Mixed Team Event

The brisk mixed team event brought the meet to a close. There were five teams, and there were six diving rounds. Three men, three women, and three mixed synchro pairs made up each team, followed by ten women, ten men, and ten mixed synchro pairs. Every success mattered. The winner was chosen based on the highest overall point total. The rosters varied in size because different divers were not needed to partner up for synchro. For instance, Pandelela PAMG completed four of the six dives for Malaysia. And because depth was so important, the rankings changed a lot.

Ultimately, the USA scored 375.80 points to win ahead of Germany (370.85) and Australia (365.65). Fourth-placed Colombia was. Lastly was Malaysia.

The victors were Kristen HAYDEN (who had already won a bronze medal in the women’s 3m synchro), Tyler DOWNS, 19, Katrina YOUNG, a silver medalist in the women’s 10m synchro, and Zachary COOPER, who got the highest score for the mixed team in the fifth round on the 10m platform.

Cooper remarked, “I’d never done this team event structure before, but I liked it. It’s quite cool.

Cooper remarked of his personal 10m dive, which was a 6245D with a 3.6 degree of difficulty, “The handstand was a terrific sensation. Ah, right, that’s the high DD dive we needed to do, I thought as soon as I reached the water.

However, he said that he was “a little unhappy” after the final dive and inward 3 12 with Katrina Young. Our rotations slightly exceeded expectations. Fortunately, [we] persevered and prevailed by over 5 points. It was exciting to see our name appear above Germany on the scoreboard.

Saskia OETTINGHAUS (women’s 3m synchro silver medalist), Timo BARTHEL (who performed both 3m and 10m individual dives and already had a silver in men’s 10m synchro), Lou MASSENBERG (who performed both synchro dives and already had a silver in men’s 10m synchro), and Pauline PFEIF were Germany’s silver medalists.

Brittany O’BRIEN, Lachlan CRONIN (who had won bronze in the men’s 3m synchro earlier), Nikita HAINS, and 16-year-old Jaxon BOWSHIRE took third place for Australia.

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