FINA Swimming World cup elite eight

Elite Eight’s name in the sport announced their participation for all three tour stops with one month until the start of the FINA Swimming World Cup 2022 season in Berlin, Germany.

All of the top swimmers in the world, including Thomas Ceccon (Italy), Kyle Chalmers (Australia), Nic Fink (United States), Anastasia Gorbenko (Israel), Siobhan Haughey (Hong Kong), Louise Hansson (Sweden), Kylie Masse (Canada), and defending men’s FINA Swimming World Cup overall series winner Matthew Sates (South Africa), will compete in all three legs of this year’s tour calendar. The total prize

1 month to go until the fina swimming elite eight

Athletes who set a new world record or who win the same event in each of the three cities receive an additional $10,000 in prize money, and those who complete a “crown” receive an additional $10,000.

Exactly one month from now, on October 21st and 22nd, the tour will kick off in Berlin before making its way to North America for stops in Toronto (October 28-30) and Indianapolis (October 30). (3-5 November).

When Matthew Sates competed in Berlin the year before, he established two world junior records in the 200-meter individual medley and the 200-meter freestyle events, which contributed to his overall victory. The long-time FINA Swimming World Cup tour host city of Berlin – a city that is about to hold its 20th event since the year 2000 – adds a special twist by also bringing the FINA Diving World Cup into town and into the same venue to ensure that there is non-stop aquatics action. Berlin is set to hold its 20th event since the year 2000.

Strongholds in the water swimming For the first time since 1988, the FINA Swimming World Cup will be held in both Canada and the United States, with both Toronto and Indianapolis participating as hosts.

In addition to the fact that athletes will have the chance to compete in short course competitions of the highest level and that there will be a substantial prize pool, there will also be a World Cup Experience athlete program in each of the host cities. This program will give athletes a unique experience both in and out of the water.

This trio of races, rewards, and experiences outside of the pool helped seal the deal for the members of the confirmed “Elite Eight” worldwide swimming stars, ensuring their participation throughout the entirety of the 2022 season

“Not only did I set a world record during last year’s Swimming World Cup, but the experience both in and out of the competitive arena helped turn some good-natured rivalries into friendships,” said Kyle Chalmers. “Not only did I set a world record, but the experience both in and out of the competitive arena helped turn some good-natured rivalries into friendships.” “I am definitely looking forward to having a great time participating in the sideline activities as well as setting some more record-breaking times in the 25-meter pool. I’ve heard that we have a great lineup of programming, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Berlin, Toronto, and Indianapolis have in store for us.

Louise Hansson of Sweden claims that among her all-time favorite racing locations are Indianapolis, Toronto, and Berlin.

“Swimming the entire World Cup Series this year has me incredibly psyched. I’ve visited all three pools, and each one was wonderful,” Hansson remarked. “For many years, Berlin has been one of my favorite pools. I was quite pleased to return to the World Cup in Berlin after swimming there last year and setting multiple personal records.

Hansson continued, “I also had a wonderful NCAA in Indianapolis and participated in the trials for the World Championships a few years ago in Toronto. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season, which will have lots of entertaining competitions and spectator support.

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