FINA Diving WORLD CUP aspects

The 2022 FINA Diving World Cup debuts on Thursday in Berlin, continuing a tradition that began in 1979.

Here are five interesting aspects regarding this year’s event that you may not be aware of.

1. No Semi-Finals

Athletes will proceed straight from preliminary rounds to finals in the four individual events, which implies two things: there will be no time for having a poor day, and divers from all 13 countries will need to arrive in top form. On Thursday, all of the preliminary events will take place (in 3m and 10m for both men and women). Finals only will be held for the remaining five competitions, which include the synchro and team events.

2. Large Prize pool

Because there are only 60 dives in the competition, each athlete has a fair chance of profiting from his or her efforts. The top six finishers in the individual events will get prize money ($6,000 US for the winner, $5,000 for the runner-up, $4,000 for third place, and so on), and the top three in the synchro and mixed team competitions will receive the same amounts.

Given that men’s competitions have six rounds, that equates to $1,000 per dive for male event winners and $1,200 per dive for female event winners due to women’s events having five rounds.

Of course, the busiest divers may wind up with the largest payouts. Timo Barthel, 26, of Germany, is the lone diver competing in four events. If he finishes on the podium in all of them, he may win anywhere from $16,000 to $24,000. The busiest female diver, 30-year-old Katrina Young of the United States, is competing in three events and might earn up to $18,000 if she can dethrone the Chinese juggernaut. Despite their depth and sizable (nine-athlete) delegation, China is not participating in the mixed-team event. However, several of its competitors will compete in two events.

3. Stop, put down, and watch this

Chinese adolescents Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi will compete against one another in the women’s 10m final on Saturday and combine their exquisite abilities in the women’s 10m synchro on Friday, making these two events must-sees for fans of rivalry. At the age of 14, Quan, a farmer’s daughter, defeated Chen, the incumbent world champion, to win the gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. Quan received 24 perfect scores (out of a possible 35), including 10s from all seven judges on two of her dives. However, the roles were reversed this summer in Budapest when Chen won her second consecutive global title and Quan claimed the silver.

Unquestionably, China’s Cao Yuan, 27, is the star of the men’s competition. He has won eight medals at the world championships and five Olympic medals. Notably, Cao won Olympic gold on the 3m board in Rio 2016 and gold on the 10m platform in Tokyo 2020. He will solely pay attention to the springboard in Berlin. His individual 3m Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Wang Zongyuan will compete in his 3m final on Friday, and Wang will compete in his 3m synchro final on Saturday.


4. Mix Platter

A diving world cup and a swimming world cup are being held simultaneously at the same location for the first time ever. The action will be nearly nonstop for four days (Wednesday through Sunday), which will promote camaraderie and support between competitors in the two sports.

5. Area Velocity Connection

The Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is 50 minutes away by car from the SSE Swimming and Diving Hall, which is attached to a velodrome. The cycling and aquatics venues are both largely underground and encircled by a park with numerous apple trees. About 30,000 square meters total make up the site. When Berlin was applying to host the Olympics in 2000, the facility was constructed (which were awarded to Sydney, Australia). The indoor swimming facility, which inaugurated in 1999, is billed as being the biggest in all of Europe. 2,000 to 4,500 spectators can fit inside. Schwimm- und Sprung-halle am Europasportpark is referred to as SSE in German. The ‘Sprung’ is diving.

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