FINA Swimming World cup kyle chalmers

Kyle Chalmers, an Australian swimmer who is among the world’s quickest, has won numerous gold medals in the 25-meter pool at the FINA Swimming World Cup in Berlin throughout the years.

And for good reason: The four-time Olympian, who won the 100m freestyle championship at Rio 2016, also broke the previous record for the short course event by 13 years, setting the new mark in the FINA Swimming World Cup final last year with an astounding time of 44.84 seconds.

In preparation for the forthcoming 2022 short course season, Chalmers sat down with the DSV before the Berlin competition to discuss his objectives for Berlin, the upcoming world championships in Melbourne, tattoos, and his passion for studying German.

Kyle Chalmers, What objectives do you have for this year’s FINA Swimming World Cup?

The World Short Course Championships are coming up, so I’m practicing my racing techniques while having fun swimming against some of the finest swimmers in the world.

But before to the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) at home in Melbourne, you frequently have to sit on the plane (13 – 18 December). Are you unafraid of such adversity?

I adore seeing new places and competing in swimming events. Since it’s a requirement of my profession and something I’m accustomed to, I don’t really give these negative affects much thought. In any event, I would be delighted to take part in all three World Cup venues, including those in Canada and the United States after Berlin.

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How significant are the Melbourne World Championships for you and your countrymen? Australia has historically given the most attention to swimming.

An event of the magnitude of the World Cup deserves our attention. For the first time in a while, I get to swim in front of my home audience, and it feels amazing. I can tell that this prospect has piqued the interest of everyone involved.

You were last seen in Berlin at a Hertha game in the Olympic Stadium a few weeks after the World Cup race in the SSE. How did that happen?

I adore Germany and Berlin. I now have some good friends in Berlin who have volunteered to take me to a game, so I leaped at the chance and took the next flight to be there. I also wanted to learn more about Berlin’s history, so I went on a fantastic historical trip with a personal guide and absorbed everything I could.

And why have you been sporting a German tattoo on your chest since last winter? “Only the strong survive,” it now states.

I studied German after school and learnt it in school. That’s why having a tattoo in German is meaningful to me because it was my favorite subject in school and I was really interested in it.

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